NEW JERSEY (PIX11) — Gov. Phil Murphy, fresh off a COVID diagnosis, sat down for Sunday’s PIX on Politics.

He’s not alone in coming down with the virus. The case numbers have been ticking up in New Jersey.

“Cases are rising, rate of transmission up a little bit,” Murphy said.

Murphy urged people to get vaccinated and boosted. Second booster doses have been authorized for some. Murphy was in the middle of making plans for his additional booster shot when he came down with COVID. He said New Jersey will have a “robust rollout” of the next round of booster shots.

Aside from dealing with COVID, New Jersey residents are dealing with pain at gas pumps. The Garden State’s gas tax is constitutionally tied to infrastructure projects, so it would make it difficult to have a gas tax holiday.

Murphy said they’re looking at sending people checks in the mail for gas money. He doesn’t have a dollar amount, but he said it would be a meaningful amount.

The governor also talked about the delay in marijuana sales in New Jersey. He said he thinks New Jersey is a few weeks away from medical dispensaries being able to sell recreational marijuana and a few months away from stand-alone retail operations.

“I view this as a quest to make sure equity is achieved,” Murphy said.