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Although it is six months away from primary day for the New York governor’s race, before you know it, voters will be hitting the polls.

Andrew Giuliani, who is hoping to earn the GOP nomination, spoke with PIX on Politics host Dan Mannarino and discussed why he wants to be governor, what he plans to do to reduce crime, and his stance on the pandemic and mask mandates.

Giuliani said the three reasons why he’s running for governor are: 

  • Reducing crime: “We’re going the wrong way,” he said.
    • When asked what he’d do to fight crime, Giuliani said “We need to make sure we repeal bail reform.”
  • Schooling: Giuliani said he believes parents need to have more choices for children, including more charter schools. 
  • Economics: The GOP candidate said they need to make sure New York is not competing to be the highest taxed state. He also hopes to get more jobs for residents across the state.

Sliwa endorsement

Giuliani was previously endorsed by GOP nominee for New York City mayor Curtis Sliwa. 

Giuliani said Sliwa’s endorsement is “one of the most important endorsements in the state” as he has been out there and “putting his life and body on the light for New Yorkers” with the Guardian Angels.

NY COVID response

Giuliani said he is against the mask mandate imposed by Gov. Kathy Hochul, especially for school kids.

“It’s important for a developmental standpoint to see each other’s faces,” he said.

He is also against a vaccine mandate.

When asked what he would do to mitigate numbers if New York was still seeing a rise in cases, Giuliani said he would be honest with the numbers and data.

“It’s about being honest with numbers and data wherever the politics may end up leading and we have not seen that in the last couple of years from Albany,” he said.

Race for governor

Giuliani’s opponent Rep. Lee Zeldin has already called himself the GOP’s presumptive nominee. 

Giuliani said the last four polls had them up 15 to 24 points on the congressman.