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NEW YORK — Republican candidate for New York governor Rob Astorino on Sunday slammed Gov. Kathy Hochul’s new indoor mask mandate aimed at curbing a spike in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.

Astorino, a former two-term Westchester county executive, joined PIX on Politics host Dan Mannarino on Sunday to discuss his campaign for governor. 

He said he’s running because, “New York City is completely off the rails. It’s actually dangerous for people to go into the city … The businesses are really having a hard time, including small businesses, because unfortunately Albany – the state government and even the city government — has become the enemy of small businesses.”

As for Hochul’s new statewide mandate, which requires everyone to wear a mask in indoor public spaces unless proof of vaccination is required to enter, Astorino said he doesn’t believe such requirements work. However, he did not offer an alternative solution to curbing the spread of the virus.

He also suggested Hochul doesn’t have the power or authority to implement the potential $1,000 fine for anyone who violates the mandate.

The new indoor mask policy goes into effect on Monday and will run at least through Jan 15. At that point, Hochul said state officials will reevaluate if the mandate needs to be extended based on the number of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.

Watch the video player above for Astorino’s full interview.