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NEW YORK — With more than 820 shootings already recorded in New York City so far this year, many are wondering what can be done to make residents and visitors feel safe.

Terence Monahan, senior advisor for recovery and safety planning and the former chief of department with the NYPD, joined PIX on Politics host Dan Mannarino on Sunday to discuss the city’s path forward amid the uptick in gun violence.

Monahan pointed out that while New York City did see a big spike in the number of shootings last year, it brought the city closer to numbers seen in 2010, “not back to the ‘90s or ‘80s.”

“Remember where we were as a city. Under 800 shootings for three years in a row in a city of about 8.6 million, which is an amazing number,” he said. “And over the last couple of weeks we’re seeing a decrease compared to last year … way above where we were in 2019 but I think we’re staying at that plateau.”

Now, Monahan said the NYPD and city need to use tools like CompStat and other technology to bring the number of shootings down.

When asked about how the city can encourage tourism if people don’t feel safe visiting places like Times Square, where two shootings happened in less than two months, Monahan said police presence is key.

“We need to deal with that perception. People need to feel safe. I can quote numbers to you all day long, it’s no good if people don’t feel safe. We need to make sure that as people come back into Times Square, they see cops on every corner. That they see them as they get on the subway system,” he said. “The more cops you see, the more safety you have and the more prone people are to come back into the city.”

Watch the video to find out what Monahan had to say about subway safety, encouraging COVID-19 vaccinations, and more.