NEW YORK (PIX11) – In his first sit-down interview since the FBI raided the home of a top fundraiser and longtime confidante, Brianna Suggs, Mayor Eric Adams explained why he abandoned his trip to Washington D.C. on Thursday.

“I felt the need of being here in the city,” Adams told PIX on Politics host Dan Mannarino.

The mayor abruptly canceled a meeting with senior White House officials to discuss the migrant crisis to fly back upon hearing the news of the raid. 

“I was notified by the team that something was taking place with the campaign staffer, and I wanted to be here to make sure we fully complied.  I have one of the best compliance teams that any campaign has ever had,” Adams said.

The mayor went on to say that he has not been contacted by the FBI.

“If anyone did anything inappropriate outside of our compliance procedures, law enforcement will determine that,” Adams said. “This is new and evolving. I have not been contacted by any law enforcement agency and no one has been told they did anything wrong.” 

At the center of the early morning raid on Thursday was 25-year-old Suggs. The campaign staffer has a long history with the mayor, dating back to when she was an intern when Adams was the Brooklyn borough president. She rose the ranks quickly, from intern to staffer to leading Adams’ fundraising campaign in 2021. 

“She is a very bright, energetic young lady,” Adams said. “She led the fundraising numbers when you look at the entire campaign. I have full confidence in her integrity and how hard she worked. Often young African American ladies don’t get the opportunity that others receive in the business of politics, she stood up.”

The mayor said he has not communicated with her since the raid took place, but added that he has no plans to remove Suggs from his 2025 campaign. 

“I have full confidence in her. She has done an amazing job. She will stay with the campaign team and I would love for her to stay with the campaign team,” Adams said.

The mayor also discussed his multiple trips to Turkey, the ongoing migrant crisis, and plans for his new DOC commissioner. 

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