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NEW YORK — Newly installed Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine says his top priority this winter will be managing the COVID-19 pandemic “to the point that it’s not a crisis anymore.”

Levine joined PIX on Politics co-hosts Henry Rosoff and Ayana Harry, who filled in for host Dan Mannarino, on Sunday. He vowed to work closely with new Mayor Eric Adams as well as the city’s top health officials.

“I think we’re facing a really challenging month in January,” Levine said.

The borough president said the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations is concerning, even though they remain slightly lower than they were during the 2020-21 winter surge. 

Statewide COVID hospitalizations on Saturday rose to 8,451 — an increase of 532 new patients from just a day earlier. By comparison, the peak number of hospitalizations in January 2021 hit 9,236.

Levine said COVID hospitalizations are beginning to overwhelm some major facilities to the point where they are holding off on elective procedures.

“That’s going to impact all of us,” Levine said. “You should not go to an ER unless you have a medical emergency.”

Levine also said because of the rapid spread of omicron, New Yorkers should hold off on attending large social gatherings.

“We have seen too much spread in those kinds of venues,” he said. “I do caution people to be careful now because of the high risk of a very transmissible variant.”

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