NEW YORK (PIX11) — As asylum seekers continue to cross America’s Southern border, pressure continues to build on New York City’s shelter system.

On Thursday, the City Council voted to reform the housing voucher program, removing a rule that required people to wait 90 days in a shelter before they could apply for the voucher. The income threshold that makes people eligible for a voucher has also been lowered, and utilities will no longer be deducted from a voucher’s value.

People on the verge of eviction will also now be able to apply for a voucher to help them stay in their apartments.

All of these changes are an attempt to both reduce homelessness and help with the influx of migrants in New York City.

But the vote happened against the wishes of Mayor Eric Adams. He said what the City Council did could actually make the situation worse.

City Councilmember Pierina Ana Sanchez and Deputy City Council Speaker Diana Ayala joined PIX on Politics Sunday to discuss the situation. Watch the video player for the full interview.