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NEW JERSEY — After a close race for New Jersey Governor, one of the most well-known pollsters in the Country– Monmouth University– is saying it just may not be worth doing election polling.

Other pollsters, including PIX 11’s pollster Emerson College, which did a much better job with the race says: ‘not so fast.’

A Monmouth University poll released right before the election had Murphy running away by 11 points.

It was so off the lead pollster for Monmouth penned an opinion piece for titled “I blew it. Maybe it’s time to get rid of election polls.”

The broader point of the op-ed is that the polls have become too misleading for the public and the politicians running.

PIX 11 relies on Emerson College for polling.  

Since 2016, when most pollsters predicted a landslide for Hillary Clinton, Emerson has started using an innovative mixture of online surveying, texting and calling.  The results have been very positive.

“What we found so far is using this blend in 2021 has been successful not only in the New Jersey Governor’s race, and in Virginia, but also the recent mayoral polls we’ve done,” said Emerson Polling’s Isabel Holloway.

The Monmouth poll used only traditional phone call methods, which has its pitfalls, particularly in the era of Donald Trump’s Republican party.

“There’s a subset of American voters distrustful of the media and polling,” Holloway said. “Generally, it’s reasonable to assume those people would be less likely to participate in a live operator poll where you’re explaining your opinions and your views to them.”