LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J. (PIX11) – It was a quieter Election Day in New Jersey, but voters still had some power to make changes in Trenton.

While there were no races for governor, U.S. Senate or congressional seats, every seat in the State House was up for grabs – 40 in the Senate, 80 in the Assembly.

Democrats currently control both chambers, but Republicans have made up some ground in recent years.

Rider University political professor Micah Rasmussen said GOP candidates have an opportunity to build on that progress.

“We might expect to see Republicans winning back some of their margin and clawing back some of their way back to the majority in Trenton, but not getting all the way there,” said Rasmussen. “The Democrats staying in power, maybe the Republicans maybe taking a few seats toward power.”

Experts said they expected a total voter turnout of less than 30%.