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NEW YORK — Voters headed to the polls on June 22 for the mayoral primaries, but New Yorkers may not have answers about the winners until July.

Election night results will not include absentee, affidavit or military ballots. The Board of Elections is expected to have results including the absentee ballots in July.

In-person votes were counted on June 22, the same day New Yorkers went to the polls; early in-person votes were counted then, too.

On Tuesday June 29, officials will provide an update on the Democratic mayoral primary.

On July 6, another update will be released following the inclusion of absentee ballots.

The hope is that the Board of Elections will have all the votes counted and certified by July 12.

Considering a history of slow counting by the Board of Elections, it’s unclear if they can execute this timeline while working with the new ranked choice voting system.