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NEW YORK — Six of the candidates for Mayor of New York City have qualified for matching funds from the city’s Campaign Finance Board.

To qualify for public funds, candidates must meet fundraising thresholds demonstrating support from within their communities. The eligibility thresholds encourage candidates to raise small contributions from voters living within the city, according to the CFB.

Those candidates and the amounts they’ve raised are as follows:

  • Andrew Yang: $3,724,112
  • Kathryn Garcia: $2,265,561
  • Dianne Morales: $2,247,681
  • Maya Wiley: $906,437
  • Scott Stringer: $589,230
  • Eric Adams: $317,295

Other candidates for office in the Big Apple — five for comptroller, 20 for borough president, and 127 City Council candidates — alsoqualified for public funds payments Thursday. Five City Council candidates received a maximum public funds payment Thursday.

While Yang has led most polls, Garcia says the matching funds are a huge boost.

“Our campaign is building support from a broad coalition of New Yorkers across the five boroughs,” said Garcia in a statement. “We know this race is about who is offering voters the experience and the vision to lead NYC out of crisis and into a better tomorrow. It’s not about who spends the most money. It’s about who spends money the most effectively — which is what we’ll need from our next mayor and what I will deliver.”

Yang bragged of having over 15,000 unique donors for his pack-leading total.

“Let’s go New York! I am so proud of the outpouring of support from New Yorkers across the city that helped us unlock over $3.7 million in matching funds today,” Yang said in a statement. “These funds will be critical to getting our message out to every New Yorker about our vision for building a vibrant, hopeful, and thriving city over the next four years. Our people powered campaign is just getting started — I can’t wait to keep meeting and talking to all of you in the weeks ahead!”

Morales’ campaign haul comes entirely grassroots fundraising.

“New Yorkers are ready to radically reimagine what our city can be — and the almost $2.3 million in matching funds the NYCCFB has approved for our grassroots campaign is proof that WE decide who is viable through whom we support. Thank you!”

The New York City Mayoral primary will be held June 22.