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THE BRONX — Republican mayoral nominee and Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa jumped into action as a man repeatedly shouted racial slurs in the Bronx on Wednesday.

Video shared by his campaign shows Sliwa, hand on the other man’s arm, urging the upset man to calm down.

“Relax. Relax,” Sliwa repeatedly said.

Several bystanders watched the interaction on the corner of Fordham Road and Webster Avenue around 12:30 p.m.

“What happened today is happening all over our City, as the emotionally disturbed who need our help are instead roaming the streets and subways,” Sliwa told “They need to be hospitalized and receive care.  If not, they will continue to be a danger to all of us.”

At one point in the video, a woman with a child appears to pull out a knife.

“I will cut your a–,” she can be heard saying.

“Please put the knife away, especially in front of the child,” Sliwa told the woman.

According to Sliwa’s campaign, no officers responded to the scene.

“There was no police and no EMT response,” Sliwa said. “When I am mayor, an EDP call will have priority.  Now it is rarely responded to.”

The Republican candidate has focused heavily on crime in his push to replace Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“This is going to be a campaign clearly in which I talk about cracking down on crime, supporting the police, refunding our heroes the police, hiring more police, taking the handcuffs off the police and putting it on the criminals, and restoring qualified immunity to the police so that they can’t be personally sued,” he previously said.