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DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN — A primary day voter spotted a massive portrait of mayoral candidate and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams inside a polling site in the borough Tuesday morning — a violation of state electioneering law.

New York State law prohibits electioneering, or the promotion of an election campaign, within a 100-foot radius of a polling site.

The giant portrait of Adams, estimated to be 6 feet tall, was seen in the middle of the Brooklyn Borough Hall polling site surrounded by voting booths and next to a police officer sitting at a folding table, a photo posted on Twitter Tuesday morning shows.

The portrait appeared to be of Adams in his official role as Brooklyn borough president. The words “Welcome to…” could be seen below the image.

The tweet was in reply to a post by rival Democratic mayoral candidate Maya Wiley, who was campaigning in Brooklyn Tuesday morning.

“You didn’t get to see the home court advantage at Brooklyn Borough Hall then? (6′) Photo of a candidate in the voting room,” the tweet read.

The Board of Elections later said the portrait had been removed from the polling site.

New Yorkers headed to the polls Tuesday to cast their vote in a host of local primary elections, including Democratic and Republican candidates for mayor.

Polls are open in New York City until 9 p.m. You can find your polling site here.

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