NEW YORK (PIX11) — PIX11 is gearing up for the New York 10th Congressional District Primary Debate set to air live Wednesday night.

The top five candidates vying for the congressional seat will take the stage at 8 p.m. PIX11 is hosting the debate live in collaboration with Medgar Evers College.

The rules for the debate were disseminated to the campaigns nearly one month ago, and all campaigns agreed to the participation criteria in writing. That criteria states, “A candidate must have received at least 5% in the ballot test poll question: ‘Who do you plan to vote for?’ that includes all party aligned candidates on the ballot in a primary election … in an established, professionally conducted, nonpartisan poll chosen by Nexstar Media Inc., without taking the survey’s margin of error into account.”

Seven candidates did not meet that 5% threshold, including former Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman. She received 4.1% of the vote.

Since then, her campaign and its representatives have asked PIX11 to reconsider the debate criteria and allow Holtzman into the debate. PIX11 declined the request.

In an email to PIX11 on July 19, Holtzman’s campaign manager, Marlene O’Brien, wrote, “On behalf of Liz Holtzman, I am writing to thank you for your invitation, including your sensible rules and safety guidelines, and to accept.”

PIX11 did feature a nearly 7-minute interview with Holtzman on PIX on Politics on July 31 as part of an effort to educate voters about the stances of various candidates in the race for Congressional District 10.