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NEW YORK — Advocates have been sounding the alarm about this for months and now, a PIX11 News, NewsNation and Emerson College poll confirms their worst fears about ranked-choice voting.

Despite the city officials promising ranked choice voting education efforts, PIX11 News found 46% of African American voters have heard nothing about it and 38% of Latinos have heard nothing.  

White voters appear most informed on ranked-choice voting.  Only 20% of white voters have heard nothing about it. 

This video shows how part of ranked choice voting works in New York City.

Ranked choice voting is supposed to encourage more equity and representation in government.

Jagpreet Singh has been leading some education efforts in the South Asian community through the nonprofit Chhaya Community Development. He said ranked-choice voting makes it less likely that candidates from under represented backgrounds will essentially split a voting base.

PIX11 News asked City Council Speaker Corey Johnson about the concerns people would not understand the new voting system — as he announced his candidacy to be the next city comptroller. Johnson expressed confidence that as we moved closer to June education efforts authorized by the Council and the candidates themselves would help voters better prepare to vote.

Watch a video from the Board of Elections explaining ranked choice voting.