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NEW YORK — As a millionaire running for mayor, Ray McGuire has faced some criticism about his ability to be relatable to the people he’d serve as the city’s chief executive. But when it comes to his go-to spot for a New York slice, his choice will likely sit just fine with voters.

“It is on 70-71st and Broadway. It just says ‘pizza’ out front, but it’s [called] ‘Little Italy,’ so that’s it,” he said.

While the name is secondary, he said he calls it Leo’s Pizza, because that’s how it’s saved in his phone.

Forum moderators Ayana Harry and Henry Rosoff understood the allure of an Upper West Side hole-in-the-wall pizza joint, but it was the next question — what was your dream job as a 5-year-old — that caught their attention.

“Probably like Jesus, to be a carpenter,” McGuire said.

The surprisingly stable job choice for a 5-year-old got a pause and chuckle from PIX11’s Rosoff before politely double checking.

“Seriously,” McGuire said. “And then I wanted to be either Perry Mason or Ben Casey,” he said, choosing the more likely kid-friendly choice of the idealized TV show main character.

Watch the full interview to find out more answers to rapid-fire questions, like his preference of Knicks or Nets, Yankees or Mets, and more.

McGuire also answered hard-hitting questions, and spoke on fixing NYC’s schools, his opposition to defunding the police and more. Watch below: