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NEW YORK — Seven leading contenders for mayor were split on if they would push for a COVID-19 vaccination requirement in public schools

Kathryn Garcia, Andrew Yang, Shaun Donovan and Scott Stringer all said they would require it during questioning for the PIX11 Democratic Mayoral Forum, which aired Thursday.  Eric Adams, Ray McGuire and Maya Wiley all said they supported the vaccination effort but had some concerns about a school requirement. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio has said students at New York City public school’s won’t be required to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

What they each said:

Yang said: “If it’s approved and they are eligible, yes I would.” 

Donovan said: “I would require that this happen.” 

Stringer said: “I would.” 

Garcia said: “I believe all students, like with all other vaccines, have to [be] vaccinated and inoculated going forward.” 

McGuire said: “I can’t mandate that.  I would prefer that we all get vaccinated. But I clearly understand the history of the country with certain demographics, Black and brown, the hesitancy to take vaccine. We need to do a better job educating New Yorkers on the safety of the vaccine.” 

Wiley said she would follow CDC guidelines for safe schooling, which currently do not require the COVID-19 for safe reopening.  But she added she would “make sure every student had an opportunity to get the vaccine.” 

Adams said he supports the vaccination effort but as for requiring vaccines in schools he was “open to the conversation” and wants to hear more from parents.