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Andrew Yang has, at times, faced criticism on the campaign trail for New York City mayor about his status as a true New Yorker, so PIX11 put him to the test with some only-in-New-York questions.

His favorite pizza place? The Manhattanite said Corner Slice in Hell’s Kitchen.

“It’s like focaccia bread with cheese on top,” he added.

Yang also admitted he jumped a turnstile in his youth when he didn’t have the money.

“What I did is there were two of us and we did like, the one swipe, two people, when we were younger,” he said.

Watch the full interview to find out answers to rapid-fire questions on his preference of Knicks or Nets, Yankees or Mets, and more.

Andrew Yang also answered hard-hitting questions on policing and homelessness, saying that a reduction in homelessness is key to solving NYC hate crimes crisis.