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NEW YORK CITY — Much of the talk in the race for Mayor has been about the surge in crime. However, New Yorkers want the next mayor to do it all.

PIX11 caught up with Republican Curtis Sliwa inside his campaign headquarters, to ask him about solving a number of problems around the city.

Sliwa is a big believer in public-private partnerships in general, including to keep the streets clean.

“There are more than enough volunteer organizations that would do that if they had a little bit of help from the city of New York, he said. “But everybody has to pitch and everybody has to do more.”

In fact, in the case of NYCHA, Sliwa proposes getting more people to buy-in, by literally allowing public housing residents to slowly work toward buying their apartments.

“We are not talking about all of a sudden turning them into condos or co-ops and moving poor people out,” Sliwa said. “But giving them an opportunity to buy them, because with ownership there’s more responsibility, more sweat equity.”

PIX on Politics anchor Dan Mannarino sat down with Democrat Eric Adams Tuesday.

Mannarino pressed Adams on how he would make sure congestion pricing to fund the subway system, which is likely coming during the next administration, doesn’t hurt low income New Yorkers who need to come into Manhattan.

“The technology is here where we can identify who can pay and who shouldn’t if you’re exempt for medical reasons or some other reason,” Adams said.  “It’s easy to determine that right away.”

Both Adams and Sliwa are also pledging to ride the subways more to stay more than Mayor de Blasio, to stay connected with real New Yorkers.

“I just love being among the passengers, hearing the ideas feeling the spirit of New York,” Adams said. “I’m going to be on the train and bus as much as possible.”