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New York City — Just about two weeks into the general election campaign for mayor between Democrat Eric Adams and Republican Curtis Sliwa, the campaign is taking a familiar tone.

As the Democrat running in this deep blue city, Adams is heavily favored and has not had many events. Meanwhile, Sliwa is doing everything he can to get noticed.

He spoke Thursday about a disturbing set of crimes in an Uptown park.

“I am going to use the Guardian Angels of Washington Heights to actually begin patrolling aggressively this Inwood park,” Sliwa said in Manhattan, calling for more cameras and police presence after several women were attacked.

It is an issue close to one of Adams biggest supporters, Ydanis Rodriguez; the local councilman spoke out about the issue yesterday without Adams by his side.

Sliwa has repeatedly gone after Adams for acting like he already is the mayor and doesn’t need to engage with the community as much.

“He wants his coronation,” Sliwa said. “He’s out there getting wined, dined and pocket lined.”

Adams has scaled back his public campaign since a grueling primary, where he held two-to-three big events daily, with many smaller interviews and appearances in between. His most high-profile sightings of late have been as the elected Brooklyn Borough President, not as a candidate.

This past week, he was with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, and last week with Gov. Andrew Cuomo and President Joe Biden.

“I take all races seriously, and I think people make a mistake to believe that because they’ve won one component of the race, they will win the next component of the race,” Adams said when he sat down with PIX11 Political Anchor Dan Mannarino.

In fairness to Adams, the election is still three and a half months away.

“Whatever debates are put in place by the Campaign Finance Board, I’m going to do ads, we have a street team, we are going to do mailings,” Adams said. “I’m going to continue the flow we had during the Democratic Primary.”