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NEW YORK — From a push to win progressive voters to a new effort to connect with New York women, candidates in the race for New York City Mayor are stepping up their outreach two months before the Democratic primaries.

“I have a lot to smile about,” candidate Scott Stringer said after recent endorsements from the Working Families Party and the United Federation of Teachers.

In a one-on-one interview with PIX11 News, Stringer explained why he believes progressive voters should unite behind his campaign.

“We do need a progressive, who’s going to focus on housing and education and climate change,” Stringer said. “We need somebody to walk into City Hall on day one, turn the lights on and say let’s get to work. I know how to do this.”

As the race continues to heat up, Ray McGuire unveiled a new list of more than 200 supporters, “Women for Ray.”

“Gwen Carr, we have New Yorker Mary J Blige, we have ballerina Misty Copeland,” explained McGuire’s wife Crystal McCrary McGuire.

In her first TV interview about the race McCrary McGuire told PIX11 News her husband “has an interest in women, whether it’s childcare, whether it’s ensuring that they have pay equity, whether it’s ensuring that they have capital to open a business.”

The McGuires have spent the last few months working to show New Yorker’s how Ray’s Wall Street experience would translate to running the city.

“He has managed budgets larger than most state budgets and he has had to recruit attract and retain the best talent from around the world,” McCrary McGuire added.

The Democratic and Republican Primaries for New York City’s Mayoral election will take place June 22.