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NEW YORK — Eric Adams is currently the Democratic mayoral frontrunner, leading the race by more than 75,000 votes. 

However, his victory isn’t guaranteed until every vote is counted.

Adams spoke with the PIX11 Morning News about what he did following primary day, what he plans to do moving forward, whether or not he trusts ranked choice voting if he loses the race, and who he’d pick as a possible police commissioner. 

Following primary day, Adams said he spent the day in pajamas, relaxing and reconnecting with himself. 

As he waits for the results, what will the Brooklyn borough president be doing? 

“I need to go back to being a borough president to move forward this borough,” he said. 

Though he’s a frontrunner and the odds are in his favor, there is still a possibility he may not be the winner of the Democratic primary. 

If he does not win, Adams said he still believes in the process of ranked choice voting and  will support whoever the mayor will be.

“We need to be unified as we bring the city back from COVID-19,” Adams said.

When asked if he thought Black, Brown and Hispanic votes were devalued, Adams said he thought “that voter suppression is taking place all over the country.”

The NYC mayor can also appoint the NYPD commissioner. Adams previously said he had been in talks with three potential candidates.

He said he has communicated with the three of them and is looking at what’s happening across the country.

“We must start realizing that Americans and New Yorkers,” he said, “We want justice and safety.”

He also confirmed his pick will be a woman.