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With June’s Democratic Primary for the New York City mayor weeks away, candidate Dianne Morales once again spoke with PIX11’s Dan Mannarino on many issues facing the city.

First, Morales shared her and her team’s reactions to the sex abuse allegations against fellow candidate and NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer.

“It’s a really unfortunate moment in this race,” Morales said. “As a survivor myself, who’s got a femme-led team, many of whom are also survivors, we’ve all been triggered.”

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If she wins the race, Morales would be New York’s first Latina and first woman mayor. The native New Yorker explained her “Dignity Now” plan to address racial and economic disparities and inequalities in the city within her first 100 days in office, should she win.

She also spoke of plans to improve New York’s public housing, saying that she’s against the privatizing of NYCHA. “Public housing needs to stay public,” she said.

Morales’ parents lived in a NYCHA community before she was born. She believes the system should be democratized, giving the residents more control and power.

She said there is a direct link between a rise in the city’s crime and the “inhumane living conditions” many are dealing with.

Morales also shared more on her plans for police reform and redistributing money and resources for policing.