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NEW YORK — With early voting underway and New York City’s mayoral primary just a week away, candidate Scott Stringer stopped by the PIX11 Morning News to chat with Dan Mannarino once again about the issues facing the city.

Stringer briefly touched on new sexual misconduct accusations and whether or not he believes they have affected his poll numbers.

Stringer said he’s expecting a “Stringer surge” over the weekend leading up to primary day.

With the ongoing rise in violent crimes a major issue for New Yorkers, Stringer explained he has a “two prong approach” to dealing with guns and shootings in the city.

The current comptroller also weighed in on the city’s housing crisis, as many families worry about evictions as they struggle to make enough money to pay their rent post-pandemic.

Stringer said the city needs to ensure the federal aid coming in goes to those who need it most. He also spoke about the need for more affordable housing across the city.

“We need to make sure people can become aspirational again,” he said.

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With New York City schools set to open in full for the new school year in the fall, many have wondered if COVID vaccination would become mandated for students.

Stringer previously said in our PIX11 Mayoral Forum that as mayor he would likely require children to get the COVID-19 vaccine to return to school full time.

When asked Tuesday what would happen if a parent did not want to get their child vaccinated, Stringer did not directly answer but said he feels the focus should be on educating parents and families about why the vaccines work.

Stringer added that it will be most important to get city students more mental health services and tutoring services as they return after the pandemic.