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NEW YORK — The Democratic primary for New York City mayor is less than two month away. 

Mayoral hopeful and businessman Ray McGuire discussed how he hopes to tackle gun violence, attacks on the Asian community, education and bringing the city back from the pandemic.

Crime and gun violence

New York City has seen a surge in gun violence, with multiple people shot over the weekend. 

McGuire said the covenant New York has is to keep people safe.

“The gun violence that we’re now experiencing, we need to address and we need to address immediately,” the mayoral candidate said.

The mayoral candidate said he has a safety and justice plan to get the guns off the street and invest in resources that can be used to keep communities safe.

Rise in attacks on the Asian community

McGuire denounced all hate crimes amid a spike in attacks on Asian Americans.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” he said, quoting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

McGuire said there needs to more invested into the Anti-Hate Crimes unit and make sure there are safe places for people who are targets of the violence and different language capabilities. 

When asked if he wants to put more money into the NYPD, McGuire said he wants better policing and have more resources available to address gun violence and hate crimes. 


When asked about NYC ending the Gifted and Talented program, McGuire said a child’s education should not be determined by zip codes.

“I want to expand gifted and talented so that it’s available to all New Yorkers,” and ensure everyone has the best quality education.

Getting more votes

According to recent polls, mayoral candidates Andrew Yang and Eric Adams are topping the list. 

McGuire said he plans to target the undecided and spread his message.

“I’m an outsider,” he said. “They want something new. They want something different.”

New Yorkers are looking for someone to get receipts, and he has that, he said.

Stringer allegations

Mayoral Candidate Scott Stringer has been hit with sexual harassment allegations. Does McGuire believe Stringer should step down from the race? 

He said he stands with the women, and always has, but said everything needs to be played out.