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NEW YORK — Attorney Maya Wiley is hoping to make history as New York City’s first Black female mayor.

She spoke to PIX11 News about the 2020 census and New York losing a seat in Congress, her effort to connect to Latino voters, what she plans to do to sway those who are undecided and what steps she plans to take to combat gun violence in the city.

Census numbers

New York lost a seat in Congress by 89 people. Wiley wanted to acknowledge that the country had a “process we’ve never seen before” where the federal government was scaring people into not filling out the census.

However, Wiley said the state needed to provide more money, and it needed to be done sooner.

“There was just so much more we could’ve done,” she said.

Connecting with Latino voters

Wiley recently launched her “Vaya con Maya” campaign in an effort to connect with the latino community.

“The Latino community in New York, which is a diverse one, has lost 40% of their jobs” due to COVID-19. Wiley said. 

She said she has plans like the “New Deal for New York” that would create about 100,000 new jobs. Wiley also said they would create care grants, which would be put into the pockets of families, including those who are undocumented.

Rent relief in NYC

There are about 400,000 New Yorkers who face eviction, according to Wiley. 

She said she plans on having an eviction moratorium that would look at the money coming from the federal government that would go into the moratorium. 

Resources would also create a subsidy structure that goes to homeowners. “We need to make sure that people can hold onto their homes.”

Safety and gun violence

More than two dozen shootings were reported over the weekend.

Wiley said she knows the city can have public safety by doing two things: Recognize that it would be easier to get a job. Gun violence spikes in the communities that have the greatest job losses, she said.

Mental health: We need to listen to the people who interrupt violence before it happens.

“We’re going to have trauma-informed care in the schools, that brings violence down and sends graduation rates up,” she said.

She also said they’re going to focus on having the police do their job, which is keeping illegal guns off the streets. 

She said she’d also take $1 billion dollars from the police budget and make sure it is being invested into the community.