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NEW YORK — Eric Adams held onto his lead in the Democratic race for mayor Tuesday with most absentee votes counted.

In the final ranked choice voting count, Adams was ahead of Kathryn Garcia with 50.5% of the vote against Garcia’s 49.5% of the vote.  There are still about 3,700 curable absentee ballots that may or may not count in the election, but the Associated Press called the race for Adams.

The newly released results from the Board of Elections, shared hours after they were expected, include the majority of the 125,000 absentee ballots from the city’s Democratic voters. They were added to the 819,000 in-person votes that were part of results posted last week.

Some results were still pending; mainly absentee ballots eligible to be cured for issues such as a missing signature. The embattled Board of Elections promised to have results finalized by last week.

Last Tuesday, the BOE released inaccurate results that included 135,000 “test ballots” that were left in the ranked choice voting computer tabulator

The error by the BOE, which has a long history of issues, once again prompted renewed calls for hearings and reform. The three leading candidates in the Democratic race for mayor — Adams, Garcia and Maya Wiley — filed lawsuits reserving their right to sue.

In Tuesday’s results, the second to last round of ranked choice counting showed Adams with 40.5% of the vote, Garcia with 30.4% of the vote and Wiley with 29% of the vote.

In court papers, Wiley floated the idea of a hand recount of the round where she is eliminated.  However, election lawyers suggested that would likely trigger a more cumbersome process of recounting the whole election.