MANHATTAN, N.Y. (PIX11) — In a poll conducted just days before New York’s primary election, Congressman Jerry Nadler is pulling well ahead in the race for the redrawn 12th Congressional District in Manhattan.

The survey by PIX11/Emerson College Polling/The Hill 43% of likely Democratic voters support Nadler, including some who voted early. Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney received the support of 24% of those surveyed, and Suraj Patel got 14% of respondents.

The poll shows 19% remained undecided; however, with the election fast approaching, Emerson pollsters asked undecided voters to make a choice. Allocating the undecided voters only strengthened Nadler’s position: he got 51%, Maloney got 29%, and Patel got 19%.

Nadler has been picking up momentum since a debate hosted by PIX11 at Hunter College last week. He was endorsed by the New York Times and Senate Majority Leaders Chuck Schumer.

The poll also marks a widening of the gap between Nadler and Maloney, two representatives who have served in Congress together for nearly 30 years — now forced to run against each other due to redistricting. Previous polling prior to the debate showed Nadler with just a nine-point lead.

“It seems just like these endorsers are making up their minds just as voters of New York 12 are also making up their minds,” said Camille Mumford, with Emerson College Polling. “The undecided number, it seems like they’re moving to Nadler, but also to Suraj, and [Patel]’s not just appealing to the undecided voters but chipping away at Maloney’s block.”

Patel has previously run against Maloney, including a narrow 2020 primary loss to the congresswoman.

The poll also offered some insight into one of the major issues in the NY-12 race: support for President Joe Biden. Maloney was widely criticized for saying she did not expect Biden to run for a second term, before walking back her comments.

The new poll shows 29% of Democrats in NY-12 would oppose a candidate who opposes Biden being the Democratic nominee in 2024.