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NEW YORK — Eight leading Democratic candidates in the race for New York City Mayor prepared Wednesday for one final debate ahead of next Tuesday’s primary.

“They are going to be working really hard to stand out and have a good closing message,” explained City & State Senior Reporter Jeff Coltin. “Kathryn Garcia and Maya Wiley have both had some serious momentum and have shown themselves to be serious contenders for the mayor so we could be seeing our first-ever female mayor.”

On the campaign trail Wednesday, Kathryn Garcia announced as Mayor she would create an Office of LGBTQ+ Affairs. 

For Garcia, she’s not focused on who has momentum.

“I’m about staying above the fray,” Kathryn Garcia said Wednesday.

Andrew Yang described a very different debate strategy.

“One of my top priorities for tonight is to have people question the rationale of Eric Adams campaign,” he said.

Yang voted early in Manhattan Wednesday.

Adams is eagerly awaiting the challenge.

“When I’m on the stage, that is the easiest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” Adams told supporters Wednesday.

Adams released a new ad in Brooklyn’s Cadman Plaza, but his campaign rally was interrupted by protestors. They carried signs encouraging New Yorkers to not rank Adams on their ballots. 

Activist Leo Ferguson, who is against Adams’ candidacy, explained the rationale.

“We do not need a mayor who is standing with landlords and people who want to privatize our schools and we do not need a mayor who believes in the bad old days of stop and frisk.”