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One familiar face wants the job as New York City’s new mayor.

Guardian Angels Founder Curtis Sliwa is running as a republican candidate and recently faced off with another candidate, Fernando Mateo, seeking the GOP nomination in a debate.

Sliwa said he focuses on law and order in the community and the return of quality of life, which is something not many of the other candidates have tackled.

Rather than defunding the police, Sliwa has called for “refunding” to police and said the city should work on “empowering these men and women who were part of the finest police department of the world in the world right before the lockdown.”

Sliwa said violent crime has risen since defunding police, referencing drive-by shootings and targeted attacks, particularly in the Asian community.

He also criticized the city for getting rid of the NYPD’s homeless outreach unit. 

When asked if he would keep Dermot Shea as the police commissioner, Sliwa said he would not.

He also criticized Mayor Bill de Blasio for “single-handedly taking the Miley Cyrus wrecking ball and destroyed the city that we love.” Sliwa said he would be the right candidate to return public safety to the city’s streets, parks, subways and schools.