NEW YORK — Former Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he is not ruling out a run for office once again.

The comments came during his second public appearance in as many weeks, marking a comeback tour is firmly afoot for the man who resigned amidst a sexual harassment scandal last August.

“What am I doing with my political plans, listen it’s been a difficult year and I’ve done a lot of soul-searching,” Cuomo said. “I have a lot of options, and I’m open to all of them.”

Cuomo was speaking with Hispanic ministers in the Bronx and, after questioning, offered little clarification about what that meant.

“I don’t think I’m going to get an offer from the New York Jets,” Cuomo joked.  “So I’ll rule that out, but I’m open to all options.”

PIX11 News has confirmed supporters have reached out to the former governor encouraging him to run after a PIX11 poll done with Emerson College and The Hill found if he were to run for governor, Cuomo would be competitive with the woman who took over for him, Kathy Hochul. Just Wednesday, she was dismissive of her former boss’s reemergence:

“I’m not focused on who may run, who may not run. I’ve got a job to do.”

During his prepared remarks before the New York Hispanic clergy, former Gov. Cuomo did give us a taste of what he’d like to see done in New York. He fears people will flee the state due to the rising cost of living and rising rate of crime. Cuomo is suggesting a gas tax holiday along with a middle income tax cut.

He railed against defunding the police. Cuomo also said he supports tweaking bail reform, a bill that he signed into law that many, including New York City Mayor Eric Adams, suggest is contributing to the current crime wave.

But mostly, Cuomo again attacked cancel culture, as he did during his recent speech at the Brooklyn church.  He took direct aim at what he considers “extreme” and “woke” elements in the Democratic Party, comparing them to the Tea Party movement on the Republican side.

“Stand up to the extremists,” Cuomo exclaimed.  “Cancel the cancel culture.  That’s not who we are. We are Americans.”

With such harsh words for the Democrats, Cuomo also left open the possibility he may run on a third party line. The recent polling also shows that a third-party run would be far more difficult than seeking the Democratic nomination.

“The election is not until November, so there’s a lot of time to gather signatures, depending on how you want to run,” Cuomo said.