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NEW YORK — Entrepreneur Andrew Yang conceded in the Democratic mayoral primary during a campaign event Tuesday night, ending his bid for City Hall.

Yang’s campaign started the season hot, with the former Democratic presidential candidate seen as an early frontrunner in the race to replace Mayor Bill de Blasio.

But as the months passed, excitement waned, and Yang was no longer seen as a likely winner. Yang fell behind in many polls and was far behind in early returns Tuesday night.

NYC primary day: Live updates on the race for mayor

Yang centered much of his primary campaign on his universal basic income initiative as well as promises to bring jobs back to the city, bring down violent crime and diversify the NYPD.

With ranked choice voting in its first year in New York City elections, first place votes for Yang would be redistributed to voters’ second place candidates if necessary.

As of Tuesday evening, Eric Adams was in the lead in the Democratic race for mayor. However, with ranked choice voting, final results could come as late as mid-July.

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