Adams, Sliwa begin pivot to November after primary night

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While only one of them has been officially declared winner of their primary election, both Eric Adams and Curtis Sliwa have begun pivoting to the November General Election for New York City’s next mayor.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams relished his initial lead in the race to become New York City’s next mayor, telling supporters he was proud to have been many voters’ “first choice.”

But under the city’s new ranked choice election system, the ultimate winner in the Democratic primary might be the candidate who most voters pick second, third, fourth or fifth.

With hundreds of thousands of votes set to be redistributed to different candidates in future rounds of tabulation that begin next week, it remained possible for two other candidates, Maya Wiley or Kathryn Garcia, to come out on top.

Meanwhile, Sliwa spoke on PIX11 News Wednesday morning to say that his next challenge, after defeating Fernando Mateo, was getting independent and even traditionally Democratic voters in his camp to win back the mayor’s office for the Republican Party.

The Guardian Angels founder, who easily defeated businessman Fernando Mateo, said he hopes to unify Republican voters in the city before the November election, but added he’s got another angle to appeal to a broader base.

“I will have an independent line, so that there are men and women out there who never in their lives would cross the imaginary line to vote for a Republican, they’ll have an opportunity to vote for me on the independent line,” he said. “Unlike a lot of previous Republicans, I’m not just going to be tough on law and order. Everybody knows that; that’s what I’ve done for 44 years as the leader of the Guardian Angels.”

Sliwa continued that outreach later Wednesday when he put out a message specifically for followers of Democratic candidate Andrew Yang, who conceded Tuesday after results showed him in fourth place.

“You ran a passionate, spirited, & true grassroots campaign,” Sliwa said to the group known as the “Yang Gang.” “You should be proud. Now I welcome you all to join my team. Together, we can root out corruption and finally upset the NYC political establishment.”

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