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NEW YORK — At Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network event Saturday, Democratic Party candidate for mayor Eric Adams says growing up, he overcame a learning disability, battled the criminal justice system and homelessness to get where he is today.

“One of your own is going to become the mayor of the most important city in the most important country in the globe,” Adams said.

Sharpton didn’t officially endorse Adams or the other main speaker, Democratic candidate for Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, but did say both are an inspiration.

“This is an historic picture, the first Black district attorney (in Manhattan), and the second black mayor (of New York City),” Sharpton said, assuming their victories in the heavily Democrat-leaning city. “Tell your children they can be whatever they prepare themselves to be.”

Adams, who was a cop for 22 years, told the crowd he will fight systemic poverty and make the city safer for all New Yorkers. He added that he will not only reform the criminal justice system so it is fair for everyone but he will make it his goal to make the new district attorney’s job boring.

Bragg says he plans to work closely with Adams.

“We have been given the most profound obligation the state has the power to take away somebody’s liberty,” Bragg said. “We are going to use that power judiciously and wisely, we are going to use this for fairness and for safety, we are going to address our racial disparities, we are going to have one system of justice for all and we are going to address these guns on our streets.”

Curtis Sliwa is the Republican candidate for mayor and Thomas Kenniff the Republican candidate for DA.