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NEW YORK CITY — Mayor-elect Eric Adams is postponing his big indoor immigration ceremony, but refused to go into any detail about other health safety measures he will be rolling out after he takes over City Hall on Jan. 1.

“Jan. 1 we are going to swear in and execute our plan,” Adams said. “It’s a combination of technology, combination of law enforcement agencies. I’m going to roll out my plan. I’m not going to feed into the desire to say: ‘Eric do you agree or disagree with mayor?’ That is not happening.”

There was no clarification of the color-coded COVID alert system Adams mentioned Monday. He would not say if he will require the city’s one million public school children to get a COVID test before returning to class from their holiday break Jan. 3.

Adams did not say if he would let thousands of city office workers go back to working remotely part of the time, which so far Mayor Bill de Blasio has refused to do.

“There is one mayor right now in the city,” Adams said. “I speak with him three times a day.  The plan consists of what he announced today, which I support, incentives for booster shots. That plan is mandatory vaccination for those who are employees of the city.”

Adams continues to focus for the most part on other parts of his agenda, including appointing the city’s first ever Latino department of transportation commissioner— current Inwood Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez.

So what is the Adams message and plan for those worried about the actual pandemic right now?  Basically, he is telling New Yorkers to trust him.

“The city is going to be in great hands with Eric Adams,” said Adams. “I’m going to get us through COVID. I’m going to get us through the economic crisis. I’m going to make sure the city recovers.”