WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — A new Speaker of the House of Representatives could be selected within the next few days — but only if Republicans can put aside their differences and unite behind a candidate.

And now, for the first time since he was ousted as Speaker, Kevin McCarthy is not ruling out returning to the role.

However, House Republicans say this Speaker election will be different than the one in January when it took 15 rounds to elect McCarthy. Colorado Republican Ken Buck doesn’t want a repeat.

“It’s better to play out in private where the cameras aren’t on and we don’t have people trying to get attention,” Buck said. “For those folks who think we’re projecting a chaotic image, it makes a lot more sense to do this behind closed doors.”

After the war broke out between Israel and Hamas, McCarthy said the House needs a Speaker as soon as possible. He left the door open to returning to the role.

“Whether I’m Speaker or not I’m a member of this body. I know what history it’s had. And I can lead in any position it is,” he said Monday.

Florida Republican Matt Gaetz, who orchestrated McCarthy’s ouster, rejects the idea that expelling the Speaker of the House jeopardizes global security.

“I don’t think that other countries think of Kevin McCarthy’s speakership quite as much as Kevin McCarthy does,” Gaetz said.

He added the internal battle to elect a new Speaker should be quick. “We’ll have a new Speaker next week and we’ll prepared to do our work.”

The current GOP front-runners for the Speakership are Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise. One could emerge as the party’s choice by the end of Tuesday.