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Newport, NH — The Newport and Claremont Police Departments collaborated on investigations into three separate incidents that took place from Saturday, January 22, to Monday, January 24.

In Newport, a wallet and cell phone were stolen from inside a business on Saturday, and on Sunday, there was a report of a stolen credit card making fraudulent purchases resulting in a total loss of more than $1,800. On Monday, an individual tried to purchase a firearm from a licensed firearm dealer with false identification in Claremont.

Police determined that there was a common suspect in the cases and received search warrants for a residence and vehicle in Newport. Investigators were able to recover evidence connected to the three incidents and discovered evidence of a suspected Methamphetamine laboratory, and a suspected indoor Marijuana grow.

Additional search warrants were obtained for a second residence and vehicle. Claremont and Newport police requested help to dismantle the Methamphetamine laboratory from the DEA Clandestine Laboratory team, the New Hampshire State Police Explosives Disposal Unit, and other partnering law enforcement agencies.

The lab was dismantled and evidence of the lab and a total of seven Marijuana plants, more than 10 pounds of processed Marijuana and several firearms were seized.

A father and son were arrested as a result of the investigations. 22-year-old Ryan Gobin of Newport, was charged with Armed Career Criminal, Theft by Unauthorized Taking third of subsequent offense, Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card in excess of $1,500, Forger of checks, Attempted Manufacture of Methamphetamine acting in concert with father Kelly Gobin, and conspiracy to Commit Manufacture of Methamphetamine. He allegedly committed these offenses while on parole from New Hampshire State Prison.

48-year-old Kelly Gobin was charged with Attempted Manufacture of Methamphetamine acting in concert with Ryan Gobin, Conspiracy to Commit Manufacture of Methamphetamine, Cultivation of Marijuana in excess of 5 pounds acting in concert with Sandra Gobin, Possession of Marijuana in excess of 5 pounds with intent to distribute acting in concert with Sandra Gobin, and Felonious Use of a Firearm.

Anyone with information about the investigation should contact Newport Police Detective Stephen A. Lee (603-863-3240 or or Claremont Police Detective Joshua Peavey (603-542-7010 or