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Latesha Bynum

MANHATTAN — Police arrested a 41-year-old woman Thursday in connection with the botched buttock augmentation that killed a woman in July.

Allison Spence was charged with manslaughter and unauthorized practice of profession, police said.

Police are still looking for a second person involved, whose identity has not been released. The person in question is allegedly the person who administered the injections and professed himself to be “the doctor,” said a police source.

A Harlem mom, Latesha Bynum, died days before her 32nd birthday after a botched buttock augmentation inside a Manhattan apartment. She received silicone injections from a person claiming to be a doctor early in the afternoon on July 15.

Later that day, Bynum called 911 because was dizzy and experiencing chest pains, police said. She was taken to the hospital, where she was declared brain dead and later died.

Her brother said she had been in a coma for two weeks.

Bynum had two daughters, ages 8 and 13. Her brother described her as loving and caring.

Silicone injection into buttocks is not FDA approved. Black market butt injections cost hundreds of dollars instead of the $10,000 or more a plastic surgeon for FDA-approved body contouring.