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THE BRONX — Some of the suspects charged with first-degree murder in the savage June killing of Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz are talking of considering plea bargains, if they can avoid life in prison.

The five men charged with Murder 1 in the vicious attack on 15-year-old Junior face the prospect of life in prison without parole, if convicted. (Mary Murphy/PIX11 News)

A plea deal, which would likely need the blessing of the slain teen’s family, would allow Junior’s parents and siblings to avoid sitting through excruciatingly graphic trial testimony.

“One of the five stabbers is talking of a deal. Maybe 20 years,” a source told PIX11 News.

This would hinge on Junior’s mother and father accepting it.

The five men charged with first-degree murder, for allegedly using knives and a machete to viciously attack the 15-year-old Junior outside a Bronx bodega, face the prospect of life in prison without parole if convicted.

Pre-trial hearings started in the case Monday, with some bombshell revelations.

An NYPD Detective testified that a man known as “Witness C” identified all of the 14 alleged participants in the planning, chase, beating and stabbing of Junior.

PIX11 News revealed Witness C was Diego Suero, the reputed leader of the Sure “set” of the Trinitarios gang.

Suero is facing second-degree murder charges, accused of holding a meeting for gang members and ordering the hit on a rival crew, before more than a dozen guys went cruising the streets in a four-vehicle convoy.

On Monday’s episode of the Mary Murphy Files, PIX11’s Mary Murphy revealed stunning information that came out during Day 1 of the pre-trial hearings. Watch video above:

And PIX11 News learned more information Wednesday evening.

Suero apparently made a video statement, after getting his Miranda rights read.

He tried to downplay his role as a leader of the Sure set, telling law enforcement he had been demoted in the Trinitarios, before adding, “I didn’t tell them to kill somebody.”

PIX11 also learned two of the knives used in the brutal stabbing of Junior, where multiple men set upon him on East 183rd Street as the teen begged for mercy, were found.

One of the knives was found in a car.

The machete allegedly hoisted by first-degree-murder suspect Jose Muniz was never recovered.

The NYPD said from Day 1 of the investigation that Junior was a victim of mistaken identity by gang members on the hunt for rivals.

The circumstances leading up to the teen’s vicious murder have been debated ferociously on social-media sites.

Judge Robert Neary has imposed a gag order on prosecutors, defense attorneys, and family members tied to the case.

Pre-trial hearings resume Thursday in the Bronx Hall of Justice.