PIX11 celebrates Women’s History Month


Women’s History Month is an annual celebration of women’s contributions to history, culture and society. Each week, PIX11 will be speak with experts and trailblazers that can provide insight and solutions to some of the problems that women face regularly within society.

See the interviews below.

New York City’s female trailblazers

Meet NYC’s female trailblazers: Three local women are making a difference right here in New York City. From empowering the immigrant community, to printing PPE for healthcare workers, and creating mentorship in the community, these women are inspiring change right here in the Big Apple.

Watch the full interview HERE.

Helping ladies get paid during COVID-19

Helping women get paid during COVID-19: Claire Wasserman is an educator, author, and founder of Ladies Get Paid, a global community that champions the professional and financial advancement of women. It’s where women learn to level up.

Wasserman spoke with PIX11 about ways that women can negotiate their salaries and how to find empowerment in the workplace

Watch the full interview HERE.

Pandemic pregnancies

Navigating a pregnancy during COVID-19: COVID-19 originally painted a bleak and scary environment for planning a family, but that hasn’t stopped family-planning. But what’s working with COVID pregnancies and what’s not working?

Dr. Kecia Gaither MD, a double board-certified physician in OB-GYN and Maternal Fetal Medicine spoke with PIX11 to break down what to expect when pregnant during a global pandemic.

Watch the full interview HERE.

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