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ASTORIA, Queens —  A food truck owner in Queens was hit with rotten eggs with hateful notes wrapped around them with rubber bands.

Farid El-Baghdadi says the rotten eggs were thrown at him as he sat next to his truck on Steinway Street. He believes they came from the roof of the building across the street.

“A small piece of paper, start to use ‘F-U Muslim,” he said. “They use the ‘F-for Arab. And the first paper is ‘Go back to your country.”

The food truck owner says this has happened three times in the last few weeks.

The NYPD is investigating this as a bias crime.

El-Baghdadi says he’s angry and wants to know why someone is doing this to him, but he doesn’t want the culprit in jail. He just wants answers.

“I’m scared,” he said.

John Dino, owner of the building where someone is throwing the eggs, says he’s just as upset as Farid is about these egg attacks.

“I can’t control these kids,” Dino said.

Afaf Nasher, the Executive Director of CAIR-NY tells PIX11 it’s important to note what happened to Farid is not an isolated incident.

“We must all contextualize this harassment with the ongoing discrimination Muslims in America are facing,” he said. “From verbal assaults and threats, to physical violence, to acts of terrorism like the explosive thrown into a Minnesota mosque, bigots seek to spread division.”