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Penn Station track work has changed some rides for the better; and other rides are worse.

During Thursday’s evening rush hour, a passenger boards a shuttle bus along 34th Street headed to Melville, Long Island.

Her name is Marina Molina and she usually would be riding the Long Island Rail Road. Emergency track work by Amtrak had reduced the number of trains by about 20 percent to Penn Station.

Molina is the only passenger. She says the ride is about the same length of time as her railroad commute.

PIX11 News observed 4 buses leaving during the 5 to 6 o’clock hour. A handful of passengers were aboard.

MTA and LIRR officials created a plan that provided options to regular LIRR riders. There’s a ferry from Glen Cove, some trains into Penn have additional cars, and 5 locations offer shuttle bus rides into the city.

This week, the MTA announced the 3 of the initial 8 locations would be consolidated. Ridership numbers were not provided. They will continue to monitor the capacity and flow.

Subway riders along the 7 line are describing a longer ride. Some of the railroad riders are now entering the subway system at Hunterspoint.  An extra train can be added to accommodate the riders.

Crews say that would limit the train activity on the line but the additional riders, arriving all at once, have to be moved.

Riders report some of their regular 7 trains are moving slowly during the morning rush hour. The Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn has also seen an increase in subway ridership. That station connects to 9 different subway lines.

Access Queens is a group created by riders to advocate for transit and infrastructure improvements. Members created a 7 Train Survival Guide.

The MTA has asked for patience and promises to communicate with riders on the subway and railroads.

Amtrak says the work is supposed to be done September 1st.

Check the latest information on the LIRR’s special website.