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NEW YORK (PIX11) — If you’re a parent, you’ve probably given your children vitamins to keep them healthy, but a New York pediatrician is warning parents against the dangers of too many supplements.

“Most children are eating a variety of foods that will well represent the vitamins they need,” Dr. Lisa Thebner told PIX11 News.

“Anything they don’t need, they’re going to wind up excreting out,” she said in regards to daily chewable vitamins for children who do not need them.

But if your children are particular when it comes to food, they may need to take the supplements. Some children may also need fluoride supplements depending on if their water supply has fluoride or not.

The pediatrician says a vitamin that children, including newborns, will likely need more of is vitamin D. This is due to kids spending more time indoors, not drinking enough milk and even putting on more sunscreen.

But don’t overdo it. Excess vitamin D can cause nausea, vomiting, poor appetite and very high levels of calcium.

As for Vitamin Water and sports drinks, she suggests not using them. The drinks, which are highly advertised for their “benefits” are not all they appear to be.

Vitamin Water actually doesn’t have a lot of vitamins in it, she said. Sports drinks contain a lot of sugar and can be too concentrated for young children.

Thebner’s overall suggestion is to concentrate on getting nutrients to children through food.

It is important to make sure your children have enough calcium in their diet, as well as enough sources of iron. Vitamin D and fluoride are also important to your children’s health.