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New Yorkers are always looking for new ways to get around the city.

On July 28, riders in some areas will be able to test E-bikes with motors that help them ride.

This is part of the expanded bikeshare program. During the month of July, the Rockaways and Coney Island will see bikes that can be rented without a docking station.

Later in the month, Staten Island’s North Shore and the Fordham Section of the Bronx will also be a part of the program.

During this test time, the city says it will be evaluating “companies’ compliance with pilot requirements around data accessibility and user privacy.”

JUMP Bikes, which was born in New York City, will bring the first e-bikes to Staten Island and the Bronx.

Lime Bike and Citi Bike are also participating in these test areas.

The safety, availability, location and durability will also be reviewed. Riders and neighbors can leave comments about the program on-line.

The dockless bike tests are not available in areas that are currently served by Citi Bike. That’s a requirement of the contract with the new providers.

Here’s the schedule as provided by the NYC Department of Transportation which has allowed the pedal-assisted bikes for this test period:

  • June: NYC DOT went to community boards in the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and on Staten Island to present plans and establish final boundaries for the project areas.
  • July: Pilot begins with the ultimate goal to have a total of 200 bikes that offer half-hour rides and that remain within the boundaries of each of the four areas during the pilot period.  Some of the dockless bikes are expected to be pedal-assist bicycles, whose legal treatment was recently clarified by New York City.
  • Fall 2018: After September, DOT will work with local stakeholders to extend or discontinue pilots based on performance.  In evaluation period, DOT will also make a determination on future steps, including the possible addition of pilots in different or expanded geographic areas.