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A mission six years in the making hit a major milestone this week.

Maria Cintron created a diaper distribution center in the Bronx in 2015. She started with a thousand dollars and dream: to help every parent in the Bronx who needs help. Now, the program — called the Hopeline — supports thousands of families across our area.

The group gave out its one millionth diaper Tuesday. 

Families lined up with their carts on 163rd Street in the Bronx Tuesday. 

Every mom, dad or grandparent first has to make an appointment by phone. Then, they can pick up food, diapers, wipes and baby food to go.

“There’s no government assistance that covers diapers, said Cintron. 

If you need diapers, call their hotline to make an appointment at 718-402-1212

Or go to their website