NEW YORK (PIX11) — There’s a big push to save libraries around the five boroughs from facing closures due to the city’s proposed budget cuts. 

The library has been a major resource for many people looking to better their lives. From employment resources to finding a place to live for those who are homeless. But under the mayor’s proposed budget, the libraries may be limited in what they can provide to New Yorkers.

In April, Mayor Eric Adams announced New York City’s public libraries would not face any operating budget cuts. But library executives and supporters still fear the city’s 200 libraries could be impacted because $36 million dollars in cuts are still on the table. This could potentially mean reducing or eliminating hours, including on the weekends.

Budget cuts could also limit how many resources and programs are available to those seeking recovery from the pandemic, job help, opportunities for teens, and even help for asylum seekers.

In light of these concerns, elected officials, union representatives and library advocates will rally outside City Hall to preserve funding for libraries. Following the rally, leaders from Brooklyn Public Libraries, New York Public Libraries, and Queens Public Libraries will testify at the Executive Budget Hearing.

Leaders are expected to discuss the effects the proposed funding reductions will have on New Yorkers looking for programs to better their lives.

City lawmakers have until July first to pass a final budget deal.