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HALIFAX, Va. — Drivers pulled over in a Virginia town were given something other than tickets: ice cream cones. And likely, a moment of panic.

Video posted to Facebook by Halifax Police Chief Kevin Lands shows Lands and Officer Brian Warner pull over a driver, whose expression is clearly one of anxiety.

“Are you aware of why I pulled you over today?” one of the men asks. “Are you familiar with vehicle code 1739?”

When the driver answers no to both questions, the officer explains:

“It’s actually against the law to drive on a hot day without an ice cream cone.”

The driver immediately begins to laugh — and, seemingly, relax. Video of the unusual encounter has been watched more than 4.3 million times as of Monday afternoon.

Why’d they do it? Lands told WTKR he and his partner “wanted to try to put some smiles on people’s faces.”