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RED HOOK, Brooklyn — The NYPD is sending thousands of pounds of supplies to Haiti via shipping containers to help in earthquake relief efforts with the assistance of Red Hook Terminal.

Following the deadly 7.2 magnitude earthquake this summer, 11 shipping containers carrying 100 tons of supplies are now packed and ready to be sent from the terminal.

NYPD Chief of Patrol Juanita Holmes helped in organizing the effort.

“As Haitians continue to recover from the earthquake in August, they will know that they have friends in New York City,” Holmes said.

Red Hook Container Terminal CEO Michael Stamatis and Red Hook Shipping Owner Louis Spano were happy to lend their containers and ship to get the items to Haiti.

“Lou and I know how to load ships and move freight, but where were we going to go out and receive and achieve sending 100 tons of relief goods?” Stamatis asked.

Supplies ranging from canned goods to diapers, and PPE were dropped off by New Yorkers and small business owners at every single New York City police precinct.

The Haitian American Law Enforcement Fraternal Organization also helped in the huge logistical challenge.

Lt. Claude Celestin is president of the group and is a Haitian immigrant.

“I was privileged to migrate to the U.S., a country that offers a lot of opportunities and a promising future,” Celestin said.

Opportunities, he says, that many Haitians do not have which is why hope is something he truly believes in.

“I’d like to leave you with this powerful Haitian saying: Lespwa fè viv,” Celestin said. “In English, ‘Hope keeps you alive,’ and a bible verse that reads, ‘It is more blessed to give than it is to receive.’ Ladies and gentleman, your good deeds are not in vain.”

City Councilmember Farah Louis was also thanked for her efforts in getting the items gathered.

The ship is planned to leave Monday evening and should arrive in Haiti in five days, weather permitting.

Within a week of arrival, the Haitian people are expected to receive their much-needed supplies.