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NEW YORK — The City Council’s public safety committee held a hearing Monday to discuss the implementation of the Right to Know Act.

The new police oversight law requires members of the NYPD to give out business cards with their name and shield number to civilians during certain interactions.

Councilman Antonio Reynoso told PIX11 News that the “NYPD is not following through with the letter of the law.”

Victoria Davis of the Bronx said she recently asked a police officer for their business card, but didn’t get what she expected.

“He pulls out this empty card and I asked him to fill out his information, he said ‘if you want my information you can do it yourself.’”

NYPD Executive Director of Legislative Affairs Oleg Chernyavsky noted the department is currently in the midst of a wide ranging campaign to educate officers on the new law.

“We’re the largest department in the country, we have 36,000 officers, getting the message on something this big is something we took seriously,” Chernyavsky said.