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NEW YORK — Staff at the Throggs Neck Houses are accused of taking part in after-hour orgies.

Residents said the parties were happening on company time when staff should have been working around the clock on emergency repairs in public house, but instead they allegedly threw sex parties involving supervisors, subordinates and, in some, cases residents.

“We had a collapsed line and we had 24-hour staff doing overtime and during those hours is when all of the drinking and sex was taking place,” said Monique Johnson, president of the the Throggs Neck Tenant Association.

Johnson said that after numerous complaints from both staff and residents, she brought the sex parties to the attention of NYCHA management. NYCHA did a clean sweep last week, transferring every employee who previously worked at the housing complex.

“It’s not enough that staff was moved from here. I want the staff to be held accountable,” Johnson said during a news conference Monday. “I don’t want them to go to other locations and misappropriate someone over there.”

Johnson said not all of the staff members took part in the parties, but NYCHA decided to clean house as they continue their investigation.

“We’ve had long-standing concerns about management and performance issues at Throggs Neck,” NYCHA spokesperson Robin Levine said in a statement. “Those concerns, coupled with troubling allegations of misconduct, are why the staff was reassigned. We can’t comment further on an ongoing investigation.”

The 29 buildings at the Throggs Neck Houses have been the subject of controversy since NYCHA found lead in 78 apartments in December but did not notify the tenants.

Sen. Jeff Klein (D-Bronx) has been harping on the Housing Authority since word got out and said this is the final straw for these residents.

“The residents of the Throggs Neck houses have endured so much and I think enough is enough,” he said. “It has to end.”